CANVAS Exploit Packs

For 75% of our CANVAS customers, the exploits included in the standard release of CANVAS are enough to meet their needs. However, some of our customers are in specialized industries where specialized exploits are required. 0day, SCADA, VOIP, IBM Database or Webservers, additional OSX focus, mobile phone OS exploits, non-standard PDF viewers, these are just some of the technologies our 3rd party vendors can speak to.

Q: What do I get with an Exploit Pack?
A: Exploit packs come as an archive file (typically .tgz) and contain additional modules that plug directly into CANVAS. Installation is usually simple, often just expanding the archive into the 3rdparty directory within your CANVAS tree.

Q: Who typically buys additional exploits?
A: Any customer who's needs aren't met with the standard CANVAS package.

Q: How often do these vendors release updates?
A: Typically monthly, though some vendors are on a bimonthly schedule.

Q: Who do I ask for more information or a quote?