You won't believe you lived this long without CANVAS in your toolkit


CANVAS Dependencies

CANVAS depends on the following (free) software packages to run:

  1. Python 2.6 or 2.7
  2. GTK
  3. PyCrypto (some modules)
  4. Py-GTK and its associated libraries
  5. Pyasn1

Linux users will need to fetch the following packages for their architecture and version of python. Certain distros may have to compile the dependencies from source if a package is not available.

  1. Python25 or Python26
  2. GTK2
  3. pycairo
  4. pygobject
  5. pycrypto
  6. pygtk
  7. pyasn1

Package downloads are available from your package management tool of choice: yum, rpm, apt-get, emerge, etc

Windows users can download a zip file with all the dependencies (except pycrypto) and installation instructions for that platform from Immunity.

Due to export-control restrictions, we can not ship the pycrypto libraries. You can download a binary installer for Windows at the link shown below.

  1. Download Windows dependencies
  2. PyCrypto binary installer for Windows

OSX users can download an installer with most dependencies for that platform from Immunity. You can then download CANVAS as a zip/tar file that you decompress and run CANVAS_ROOT/ Please note you would still need to install pyasn1 on your own.

  1. Download OSX dependency installer