Immunity's courses are not the standard "Ethical Hacking" "Penetration Testing" or "Vulnerability Assessment" courses. We do not teach you how to run Nessus, Nmap, or that you should have a policy against SNMP on your network. We do teach you how to write exploits, capitalizing on Immunity CANVAS to provide training that even someone with only a little programming expertise can succeed at. Once you leave our class, you leave as a changed person, able to take advisories and turn them into working exploits, or take a network protocol and find a vulnerability in a target program, or covertly penetrate a network successfully.

We have a minimum of 4 students in any class, and a maximum of 10 students per instructor. Students in the Unethical Hacking and the Master training classes receive a student CANVAS license that is valid for 30 days included in the cost of training.

Immunity now offers Virtual CANVAS Training that addresses the need for hands-on, instructor-led training without the cost or inconvenience of travel. Live Virtual Training is delivered via web conferencing by an Immunity Senior Engineer and provides students with secure remote access to classroom systems to complete lab activities and tutorials. This allows for maximum knowledge transfer for the student just starting out using CANVAS to the experienced user wanting to integrate their own exploits into CANVAS. Enrollment is limited to 6 students to ensure a positive instructional experience.

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