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April 14th, 2014
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.93

For this release we bring you two clientsides that cover IE 8, 9 and 10 and also, the STRATEGIC framework that has been previously available as an extra add-on, as part of CANVAS mainline.

January 30th, 2014
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.92

For this release we bring you a recent Acrobat Reader clientside exploit, a Windows XP/2003 local privilege escalation (ndproxy), a flexible Wordpress fingerprinting module and a remote file inclusion exploit for Zabbix <= 2.0.8.

December 3rd, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.91

For this release we bring you the latest Windows 7 local privilege escalation (CVE_2013_3881), an IE clientside and two utility modules for backdoor creation/management on Windows WordPress installation.

October 24th, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.90

We have been busy integrating the White Phosphorus exploit pack into CANVAS, and we include most of it in this release.

Moreover, we include a local privilege escalation module for Linux and OSX and we have updated the ms013_056 clientside for IE8.

August 26th, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.89

This release brings the latest IE8 clientside (ms13_056), two privilege escalation modules for Linux and FreeBSD (for CVE-2013-2094 and CVE-2013-2171) and a generic Java MOSDEF applet module.

Finally, we have updated acrobat_xfa to work with Acrobat Reader 11.

July 10th, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.88

For this release we bring you the latest Adobe Acrobat clientside (acrobat_xfa), a local Linux privilege escalation module (fs_pipe_race_to_null), and a remote command execution module for MoinMoin.

We also include updates for the ClientD and nginx_chunk, and a reworked ip_to_vhosts module with greater functionality.

May 30th, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.87

For this release we bring you the latest Java clientside (java_DynamicBinding), a local Windows privilege escalation module (novell_nicm), a remote exploit for the Nginx chunked transfer stack overflow and, finally, a module that can be used to remotely control vulnerable MDaemon mail servers.

We also include inject_from_mem which is our take on remote library injection, for both Windows and OSX (32/64bit).

March 20th, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.86

For this release we bring you the latest Adobe Flash Player clientside (adobe_flash_regexp) and a privilege escalation module for MySQL.

Moreover, we include a post-exploitation module for Windows 32 and Windows 64 MOSDEF nodes that will set the current thread I/O and memory priority to max.

February 5th, 2013
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.85

For this release we bring you the latest Java clientside for CVE-2013-0422 and a reworked windows in-memory MOSDEF sniffer for Win32 and Win64.

Moreover we have reworked our BuildCallbackTrojan and BuildMOSDEFDLL modules so that the trojans that they produce better evade most popular AVs.

December 11th, 2012
Immunity SILICA v7.14

Immunity is proud to announce the release of SILICA v7.14!
- - New mode cookie react. Automatically opens chrome with an active session in popular websites (instagram, facebook, aol, linkedin, amazon, ebay, hotmail, yahoo etc)
- - ACCOMPLICE, new google chrome plugin that allows session hijacking and cookie modifications
- - Automatically save the HTML contents of the active react sessions and upload them into STALKER
- - Single sign on (SSO) enumaration using ACCOMPLICE plugin (currently works only on facebook)
- - Custom list of channels for channel hopping
- - WPA passive session hijacking now logs both the server and client data, which can be used for more STALKER information
- - Updated reports to use the latest CANVAS reporting engine
- - Added more websites for fake service impersonation (amazon, ebay, linkedin, hotmail). Usernames/Passwords are now shown along with the IP address we captured the data from.
- - Recovered keys are now stored in a database and are loaded automatically
- - Automatic notification for SILICA updates if there is an internet connection

November 30th, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.84

For this release, we bring you our latest Java clientsides, straight from CANVAS Early Updates in the form of java_CVE_2012_5088 and java_jaxws.

Moreover, we include a preliminary Windows keylogger that operates in-memory and live-streams the recorded key strokes back to CANVAS.

November 9th, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.83

We have a lot of new modules for this release. We start with clientsides for IE (ms12_037, ie_execCommand), a clientside for Adobe Flash and a local privilege escalation exploit for Windows x64 (ms12_042).

Moreover, we include remote exploits for Microsoft SharePoint Server and EMC networker and two remote recon modules for the DELL Chassis web interface.

We conclude with a utility module (parallel_portscan) and a collection of local modules (info_sessions, wlanlist, passwordhints) that are handy to have in your toolkit.

September 4th, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.82

This release comes loaded with exploits. First, we include a clientside for IE 6/7/8/9 (ms12_043) and java_forName_getField for the recent Java7 vulnerabilities. These modules should provide excellent coverage in clientside penetration tests.

Continuing, we have a clientside for iTunes 10.4 to 10.6.1 on Windows and a clientside for Globalscape CuteZIP 2.1.Moreover, we include two new remote exploits for Evocam 3.6.6/3.6.7 on OSX and Ezhometech EzServer on Windows.

Finally, 4 new Novell ZENworks configuration management remote exploits complete this month's release.

July 9th, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.81

This release comes loaded with new exploits. First, we include a local privilege escalation module for the FreeBSD SYSRET kernel vulnerability that has been making the rounds lately. Next, three new clientsides: IE8 Midi engine, MSCOMCTL.OCX and Adobe Flash Player will certainly prove valuable additions to any attack toolkit.

Continuing, two new remote exploits: mysql_login_remote will exploit the recent MySQL authentication bypass vulnerability and strutsCodeInjection will give you access to a wide variety of systems that run Apache Struts.

Finally, we include a MySQL version detection module, a new configuration module that will be further expanded in the future and, last but not least, transparent, dynamic SSL support for our Linux, OSX and ARM9 shellservers.

May 31st, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.80

This release comes with one new exploit module, for the recent PHP-CGI remote vulnerability as described in CVE-2012-1823. Moreover, we include two new utility modules, a generic WAR MOSDEF trojan deployer and an IP->VHOST resolver.

In terms of updates to CANVAS itself, ClientD has been overhauled with a completely new user interface and the MOSDEF OS X remote resolvers have been updated for the latest OS X versions.

April 30th, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.79

Miami Beach, FL - (April 30, 2012) - We have three new modules for this release, all SMB related. First our two new exploits for the recent Samba vulnerability/CVE_2012_1182 (NX and NONX versions) will give you root on vulnetable targets. Our new recon module, smbversion, will query a remote SMB server for version information which can be useful in targeted attacks.

Immunity's AlexM has prepared a movie that showcases the exploit which you can get from here.

April 13th, 2012
Early Registration for INFILTRATE 2013 is now open

Exciting News! Starting today early registration for our 3rd annual INFILTRATE Conference is now open. Register now to take advantage of the lowest conference prices offered.

INFILTRATE 2013 is being held at the fabulous Fontainebleau Miami Beach from April 11 - 12, 2013. The conference hotel room pricing is unbelievable so reserve your room early before the room block disappears.

Do not forget about our training classes! We will be offering WebHacking, Unethical Hacking and Master Training Courses at INFILTRATE 2013. Training seats are offered on a first come first serve basis so reserve your seat today!

To register or for additional information about INFILTRATE 2013 please visit:

We look forward to seeing you there!

March 30th, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.78

Miami Beach, FL - (March 30, 2012) - Our new module for this release is java_AtomicReferenceArray (CVE-2012-0507) which has been available in CANVAS early updates since March 7.

It is a heavy-hitting exploit that affects a broad spectrum of Java versions and will be extremely useful in a lot of penetration testing assignments. Immunity's AlexM did a video demonstration a while back which can be seen here.

Moreover, we include up to date documentation for our recently introduced ARM MOSDEF engine, ClientD bugfixes for NAT interfaces and, last but not least, HTTP/HTTPS callback support for BuildMOSDEFDLL.

February 29, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.77

Miami Beach, FL - (February 29, 2012) - Our new module for this release is CVE_2012_0056, a Linux local privilege escalation exploit that will get you root.

Moreover, we include full ARM support for MOSDEF in the form of assembler and MOSDEF-C compiler frontend together with updated Linux ShellServer for Android. Our Android clientsides have been updated to take advantage of these new features and are now spawning MOSDEF-capable Linux nodes. BuildCallbackTrojan has also been updated and can now generate ARM ELF executable callbacks.

January 31, 2012
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.76

Miami Beach, FL - (January 31, 2012) - This release comes with 3 new exploits. MS12-005 will exploit the silently fixed MS Office 2007-2010 embedded file execution vulnerability. dotnetnuke_formbypass will upload a MOSDEF callback trojan and trigger its execution in vulnerable dot net nuke installations. Finally, firefox_array_reduceright will exploit Firefox versions 3.6.17 and below on Windows.
Moreover, we include updates to BuildMOSDEFDLL (more options for the crafted DLLs) and 2008, Vista and Win7 support for getpasswordhashes, getloggedinhashes and mosdefmigrate for both 32 and 64bit systems.

December 29, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.75

Miami Beach, FL - (December 29, 2011) - This release comes with 4 new exploits. First, we have pdf_u3d, a clientside for the recently disclosed Adobe Reader U3D vulnerability. An excellent way to gain access on systems that use the Adobe Reader plugin in their browsers.
Our second new exploit, plone, is a remote command execution module that will pop up a MOSDEF node against Linux systems that run the vulnerable Plone/Zope setup.
Finally, our two new Windows kernel local privilege escalation exploits, ms11_080 and ms11_098, cover the whole gamut of Windows systems from XP up to 7.

November 30, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.74

Miami Beach, FL - (November 30, 2011) - We include two new modules in this release. The first, frontpage_rpc_fileupload, takes advantage of frontpage server extensions in order to upload a file that will trigger a MOSDEF callback.
The second, java_rhino, is our new client side for the Java Rhino engine vulnerability (CVE-2011-3544) that is being exploited in the wild.
Finally, we include improvements to the PyELF framework and our underlying MOSDEF support for Android and fixes to padding_oracle, thunderbird_backdoor and jboss_jmxconsole_deployer.

October 26, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.73

Miami Beach, FL - (October 26, 2011) - This release comes with a new module (revproxybypass) that detects reverse proxy configuration errors which allow the attacker to access internal systems. Moreover, we include an in-memory MOSDEF sniffer for Windows that is similar in operation to our pcap_sniffer module and a MOSDEF callback deployer that takes advantage of exposed management console in JBoss7.

Finally, this release includes the PyELF library and userland execution framework. You can download a movie about its operation at our WebEx page.

August 31, 2011

Miami Beach, FL - (August 31, 2011) - Immunity has announced the dates for its' second-annual security conference. INFILTRATE 2012 will be held January 12 - 13, 2012 in Miami Beach, FL. Follow this link for more details.

August 8, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.71

Miami Beach, FL - (August 8, 2011) - New in this release are two new exploits for Windows(ms11_054 and flash_APSB11_18). The ms11_054 is capable of escalating privileges on XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7. On the clientside, flash_APSB11_18 targets Flash player, and earlier.

We also expanded our support of the DNS MOSDEF listener to the padding_oracle exploit, add Android 2.2.1 support to android_hotplug, and fix several minor bugs throughout CANVAS.

June 30, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.70

Miami Beach, FL - (June 30, 2011) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.70 - This release includes the DNS MOSDEF listener backend that will allow clientsides to communicate with CANVAS over DNS traffic, making them harder to detect and also better able to escape corporate firewalls. The ms11_003 IE7 exploit has been modified to work with the new DNS payload.

Moreover, we include new exploits for the DHClient command injection and Wireshark DECT dissector vulnerabilities, an exploit for the tinybrowser component of vulnerable Joomla installations, qualysguard which replaces our qgimport and qgverify modules and, last but not least, a backdoor for Mozilla Thunderbird.

June 2, 2011
Hack Cup 2011!

Immunity is proud to announce Hack Cup 2011! -

May 16, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.69

Miami Beach, FL - (May 16, 2011) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.69 - New for this release, CVE_2011_1485 will elevate privileges to root by exploiting the polkitd/pkexec vulnerability on Linux. Moreover, with the CVE_2010_4452 clientside one can exploit Windows and Ubuntu Linux hosts that run a vulnerable Java version, exported via the Java plugin through a browser. Finally, we include pcap_sniffer, a remote in-memory packet sniffer for Linux and OSX that demonstrates what is possible via our new remote resolvers for Unix.

February 28, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.67

Miami Beach, FL - (February 28, 2011) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.67 - This release introduces two new exploits for the webkit CSS rule deletion vulnerability. Use safari_parentstylesheet to exploit all those pesky OSX machines (fully up to date and patched) and android_parentstylesheet for anything running android 2.2 and below. Moreover, using android_hotplug you can further escalate your privileges to root. Being offensive has never been so good!

January 19, 2011
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.66

Miami Beach, FL - (January 19, 2011) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.66 - This release introduces brand new dcerpc and smb libraries and updates to exploits using them. Some of the new features supported include NTLMv2 authentication, seal/sign with packet privacy option, full unicode support and configurable fragmentation on both DCERPC and SMB layers for improved covertness against sniffers and intrusion detection systems.

Moreover, we include improved smb client and faster smb brute forcing modules, a new smb server, 80+ updated modules that take advantage of the new dcerpc/smb features and, finally, two new exploits for the Linux rds and ms10_068 vulnerabilities.

December 23, 2010
Infiltrate 2011

Miami Beach, FL - (December 23, 2010) - Immunity announces Infiltrate 2011 - Immunity will be hosting our first deep technical security conference that will focus entirely on offensive technical issues in Miami Beach on April 16-17. Infiltrate will be the single-most important event for those who are focused on the technical aspects of offensive security issues.

December 21, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.65

Miami Beach, FL - (December 21, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.65 - Christmas came early this year with our powerful new exploit for android devices (the first of more to come), an exploit for Exim4 and Opera and, finally, our own module for the Microsoft EnableEUDC privilege escalation vulnerability.

November 24, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.64

Miami Beach, FL - (November 24, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.64 - This release adds support forseven new exploits, added Android Node for upcoming phone exploits and fixed bugs for callback creation and padding oracle library.

October 20, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.63

Miami Beach, FL - (October 20, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.63 - This release adds support for four new exploits and getfileversion/get_installed_updates. Exploits can now use these command in order to determine if the server is vulnerable before running.

September 17, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.62

Miami Beach, FL - (September 17, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS 6.62 - this release adds support for six new exploits and adds x64 support to the existing MS10_048 module.

July 19, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.60`

Miami Beach, FL - (July 19, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce the release of CANVAS Professional 6.60, available now. This version of CANVAS includes the FCKEditor exploit, and updates to 64-bit Windows and the included Kernel Rootkit.

June 21, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.59`

Miami Beach, FL - (June 21, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce that CANVAS 6.59 has been released - This release includes an exploit for MS10-032 - something found only in CANVAS!

May 26, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.58`

Miami Beach, FL - (May 26, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce that CANVAS 6.58 has been released - including better client-side exploitation, universal listeners, and of course, more exploits.

April 7, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.57

Miami Beach, FL - (April 7th, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce that CANVAS 6.57 has been released - including better reporting, a fully PTY shell, a multi-language ie_peers exploit which defeats DEP, a Javascript obfuscation library, and more.

March 31, 2010
Immunity is hiring!

Miami Beach, FL - (March 31st, 2010) - Click here for more information

March 2, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.56

Miami Beach, FL - (March 2nd, 2010) - Immunity is proud to announce CANVAS version 6.56, which includes vastly improved support for non-English Windows versions.

February 9, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.55

Miami Beach, FL - (February 9th, 2010) - Immunity CANVAS 6.55 Release includes NTVDM and the Aurora IE exploit for Windows 7 - the only public Windows 7 Aurora exploit available including Immunity's proprietary Flash-JIT-Spray technology. Also included is an automated test framework, an exploit for NGINX, and other enhancements.

January 11, 2010
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.54

Miami Beach, FL - (January 11th, 2010) - Immunity is excited to announce the latest revision of CANVAS Professional.

Immunity is pleased to announce the release of CANVAS 6.54. This release includes exploits for the Acrobat DocMedia.newplayer vulnerability (CVE-2009-4324). CANVAS Professional 6.54 also includes full MOSDEF support for 64bit Windows platforms, automated PHP SafeMode bypassing, and massive client side reliability and reporting improvements.

December 08, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.53

Miami Beach, FL - (December 9th, 2009) - Immunity is excited to announce the latest revision of CANVAS Professional.

Immunity is pleased to announce the release of CANVAS 6.53. This release includes exploits for the recent Sun Java and Microsoft .Net client-side vulnerabilities. Each of the exploits included inside CANVAS is highly reliable, and allows for use of CANVAS's HTTP tunneling shellcode, which bypasses protective measures such as authenticating firewalls.

November 06, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.52

Miami Beach, FL - (November 09, 2009) - Immunity is excited to announce the latest revision of CANVAS Professional.

Immunity is pleased to announce the release of CANVAS 6.52. This release includes an exploit for the recent Adobe Acrobat Reader U3D vulnerability. One notable bug that was fixed includes support for over people with over 2000 exploit modules installed. If you install all the Exploit Packs you have quite a lot more modules than any other attack platform available today!

October 05, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.51

Miami Beach, FL - (October 05, 2009) - Immunity is excited to announce the latest revision of CANVAS Professional.

The big news this month is the inclusion of the much awaited SMBv2 Vulnerability (CVE-2009-3103). This is still unpatched by Microsoft at the time of writing and can be seen in action here:

Two versions exist, a local token-stealing exploit, and a remote connect-back exploit, both reliably working against Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP1 and SP2 on x86 architectures. Another point of note is that Immunity were first past the post on getting reliable local and remote execution for this particular vulnerability.

Feature updates dominate this months CANVAS release, 22 new modules in all along with a range of performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Also getting attention this month is a the OS X platform which now has a native .app bundle of CANVAS which includes all the required dependencies, making it the easiest way to get up and running with CANVAS - Unzip, launch the .app and you are away!
September 17, 2009

Immunity, Inc. releases the first exploit for the Vista/2008 SMBv2 vulnerability. See the video here!

September 09, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.50

Miami Beach, FL - (September 09, 2009) - Immunity is pleased to announce the latest release of the CANVAS Professional framework.

Feature updates dominate this months CANVAS release, 22 new modules in all along with a range of performance tweaks and bug fixes.

This month Immunity is proud to deliver a brand new win32 rootkit named 'HCN' (Hydrogen Cyanide). This is a complete rewrite of the previous rootkit with the focus being on stability and complete platform support across a range of Windows platforms. The rootkit capabilities released this month initially comprises of 8 separate modules, with more being added over the coming months.

CANVAS 6.50 also sees the introduction of a new clientside and email attack framework named SploitD. Features will again be expanded upon in future but currently consist of an entirely new HTTP(S) server application based upon the WSGI Python Standard as well as an email sender to send in clientside exploits into a target organization.

Other non-exploit modules released this month include an SSH reverse tunnel capability and a browser plugin enumeration module.

Highlights of the exploit modules presented this month are the Proto ops null dereference linux kernel local exploit (CVE-2009-2692), a Windows Server Service Double Free exploit (MS09_041) (CVE-2009-1544), exploits for two IIS vulnerabilities in IIS FTP NLST Stack Overflow (CVE-2009-3023) and IIS FTP Globbing stack exhaustion DOS (CVE-2009-2521). Web exploits also see additions in the form of exploits for Acute Control Panel (CVE-2009-1247), AdaptCMS Lite (NoCVE) Easy PX 41 CMS (NoCVE), WorkSimple (CVE-2008-5764), PHPSkelSite (CVE-2009-0595), Joomla Art Forms Component (NoCVE) and Joomla Tree Flash Gallery (CVE-2008-6482).

August 25, 2009

Immunity Inc. is offering a special deal for the upcoming Hacker Halted Conference held in Miami, FL. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer please email to get the promo code needed for the discount rate to be applied at time of registration.

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4. Attend a choice one of the 3 following one-day training on Sep 25, 2009, covering the following topics:

a) Identifying Threats and Deploying Countermeasures
b) Incident Response: Principles of Incident Handling
c) Virtualization Security: Threats Exposed

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5. Free EC-Council Certification Training Courseware and Exam Voucher! Choose one of the following:

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August 17, 2009

Immunity Inc. will be a vendor at the upcoming Hacker Halted Conference, which is to be held at the downtown Hilton Hotel in Miami, Florida from September 23-25, 2009. Immunity Inc. is providing all of its customers (whether old, current or potential) the opportunity to register for the conference at a special discount price of $999. This is a $300 savings off of the normal registration rate. If you are interested in attending the conference, please email to get the special registration code in order for this discount to be applied. There are no strings attached to this offer; it is just a simple 'Thanks' from us to you!

You can find more information about this conference here:

August 11, 2009
Immunity, Inc. Argentinian Style

Immunity Inc. is proud to announce its grand opening of our satellite office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The office is located at 1625 Lavalle - Suite #504 which is right in the heart of Buenos Aires in the neighborhood of Centro;

Soon we will start to host training classes from this office. If you are interested in signing up for a class or would like more information please email

Thank you to all of our customers for helping us grow!

August 04, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.49

Miami Beach, FL - (August 04, 2009) - Immunity is pleased to announce the latest release of the CANVAS Professional framework.

This update includes six new CANVAS modules comprised of four clientside exploits and two remote web exploits. The clientsides consist of: Adobe Acrobat Flash exploit (CVE-2009-1862), a Firefox 3.5 Memory Corruption exploit (CVE-2009-2477), a Microsoft DirectShow (msvidctl.dll) exploit for Windows XP (MS09-032, CVE-2008-0015) and a proof of concept denial of service exploit for the Microsoft Embedded OpenType Font Engine vulnerability (MS09-029, CVE-2009-0232). The remote web exploits are command injection bug in Nagios < 3.1.1 (CVE-2009-2288) and remote code execution bug in Zen Cart <= 1.3.8a (CVE-2009-2255).

There have also been a number of bug fixes & feature enhancements applied across the framework, most notably the addition of the ability for the HTTP Proxy to work with NAT'ed hosts with multiple clients and the modification of the MS07_067 exploit to use a non-connectback based shellcode for increased reliability.

July 06, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.48

Miami Beach, FL - (July 06, 2009) - Immunity is pleased to announce the July release of the CANVAS penetration testing framework.

This update includes 19 new CANVAS modules including two exploits for vulnerabilities addressed by the MS09-022 patch (CVE-2009-0228 & CVE-2009-0230), a new AIX remote exploit for the ttdbserver vulnerability and an exploit for the Symantec Alert Management System 2 Stack Overflow (CVE-2009-1430). Two clientsides for the Safari Web Browser are also included allowing arbitrary file download ( CVE-2009-1699 & CVE-2008-4216).

This month also sees the release of 'solroot' which is a local root framework similar to the previously release 'AIXroot' to allow a clean and modular way to conduct local root exploits on the Solaris platform.

Finally, CANVAS has added the ability to import data generated by Qualys Guard 6.5 into the framework.

June 02, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.47

Miami Beach, FL - (May 02, 2009) - Immunity is excited to release the latest update to the CANVAS penetration testing framework.

Included in this release are a number of new exploit and post-compromise modules. The highlight of this release is the inclusion of Kostya Korchinsky's eagerly awaited CLOUDBURST (CVE-2009-1244) VMWare breakout bug!

For those of you who are unaware, CLOUDBURST exploits a vulnerability in VMware Display functions in order to execute code from within a Guest VM into the controlling Host. Once exploited, the exploit tunnels a MOSDEF connection over the Frame Buffer of the Guest to communicate with the Host.

Also included this month is an update to the iis_webdav module which now includes support for the IIS 6.0 unicode translation authentication bypass bug (CVE-2009-1535). There is also a commandline 'davshell' option that allows you to do interactive PUT and MOVE commands.

Rounding off the exploits for this month is 6 new web exploit modules which cover the following bugs: joomlagooglebase_rfi (CVE-2008-6483), joomlarss_rfi (CVE-2008-5053), dokeos_rce (No CVE), phplinkadmin_rfi (CVE-2009-1025), slogin_rfi (CVE-2008-5763) & pluck_lfi (CVE-2009-1765).

Post-compromise module updates are found in the ability to record audio and video from a compromised target, as well as a module to gather the wifi encryption keys from a Windows host.

May 04, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.46

Miami beach, FL - (May 04, 2009) - Immunity is excited to release the latest update to the CANVAS penetration testing framework.

This release includes the following CANVAS Early updates:

# java_deserialize: Cross platform clientside exploit for bug in JAVA deserializing (SUN BugID 6734167) (All)
# pgpwdef: Trigger for the PGP Desktop 9.9.0 IOCTL handling DoS (Windows)
# udevd: NETLINK messaging Linux local root exploit (Linux)
# ms09_013: Exploit for MS09-013 (Windows HTTP Service Integer Underflow) (Windows)

New commands:

# urlmangle: Create domains to check for phishing (All)
# saycheese: Snap a picture from a webcam (Windows)
# facedetection: Detect if someone is on the compromised computer with a webcam (Windows)
# motiondetect: Detect motion on a webcam (Windows)

New features and bugfixes:

# Improved commandline shell
# Improved SPIKE Proxy SSL performance
# Improved Python 2.6 support
# AlphaNumeric payload encoder
# Scriptable VNC control over RFB through our new VAASeline library

April 07, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.45

Miami Beach, FL - (April 07, 2009) - Immunity is excited to release the latest update to the CANVAS penetration testing framework.

The focus of the 6.45 release of CANVAS has been on UI improvements. This release presents significant changes to the Node management GUI in order to streamline a users workflow. Also included is a CANVAS commandline shell to allow better interaction with CANVAS from the commandline or over a SSH tunnel, it also allows multiple users to simultaneously access the same core CANVAS engine.

The CANVAS shell is an exemplar use of the new XML-RPC interface layer that has been created to allow easy access to the core CANVAS engine by third parties regardless of the programming language they choose to work in. The much asked for feature of project state save and restore is now fully integrated and is available through the GUI. HTTP/HTTPS MOSDEF has seen a complete rewrite and provides the ability to do full HTTP/HTTPS tunneling.

New CANVAS exploit modules this month take the form of MOSDEF ActiveX, a fully signed ActiveX control which provides a Win32 Node when a user browses to a site hosting the control, 4 new PDF exploits (CVE-2009-0837, CVE-2009-0927, CVE-2009-0836, CVE-2009-0658) are included, and previous PDF exploits being improved with Javascript obfuscation being included as appropriate. Finally the only known public example of an exploit for the NetworkManager secrets disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2009-0365) is provided with this release.

April 06, 2009
Immunity Impact Report

451 Group produces Immunity Impact Report. Read it here!

March 25, 2009
CANVAS Training UK

Immunity Inc. announces its first ever public CANVAS training class to be held in London, England. The CANVAS Training is a two day class that teaches students how to best use CANVAS for vulnerability exploitation and penetration testing. Additional details about the class can be found here.

Seats are limited, so reserve yours TODAY! For more information please email

March 05, 2009
Unethical Hacking Australia

Immunity Inc. is pleased to announce its first ever Unethical Hacking Training Class to be taught in Canberra, Australia.

This class specializes in teaching advanced security assessment techniques. The first half of the class is intensive hands-on training in how to exploit buffer overflows on the Windows platform. The second half of the class addresses post-exploitation attack methodologies.

We are offering a special introductory rate for this class, which will be held June 22-26, 2009. For more information about the class or to sign up please email us at Seats are available on a first-come first-serve basis, so do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

March 04, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.44

Miami Beach, FL - (March 4, 2009) - Immunity is happy to announce the latest update to its leading penetration testing framework: CANVAS Professional 6.44.

The 6.44 release sees the incorporation of an exploit module for the MS09-002 Internet Explorer vulnerability, 5 new web exploit modules for a variety of PHP based web services and new post exploitation modules to gather information about users from both web browsers and Outlook address books.

The CANVAS GUI has also seen some usability tweaks and visual improvements to complement a range of improvements to the functionality and underlying API of the CANVAS engine.

February 3, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.43

Miami Beach, FL - (February 3, 2009) - Immunity is pleased to present the latest update of its flagship penetration testing frameowork: CANVAS Professional 6.43. This release sees the inclusion of the full MOSDEF2.0 pure python C-like compiler and assembler giving even greater speed increases.

CANVAS also introduces the first underpinnings of session support for users, allowing session naming and automatic organization of gathered data into a clearer hierarchy. CANVAS also now officially supports the python 2.6 across all supported platforms.

New exploits for this release comprise of a local exploit for an AIX 5.2/5.3 DIAGNOSTICS environment handling bug (CVE-2004-1329). This module demonstrates how to tie this class of local root exploit into the larger CANVAS framework. Also included is an MS SQL remote heap overflow (CVE-2008-5416) exploiting the replwritetovarbin stored procedure enabled by default in SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Also included is a POC kernel MS pool overflow (CVE-2008-4834, MS09-001) which is capable of a DOS condition against the target. A new web application remote exploit for the Simple Machines Forum round up the new exploits this month.

New non-exploit modules in this release are BuildHTTPCallback which creates an executable that will call back to download and execute a file over HTTP/S, and adduser and deluser for easy creation and removal of users on remote systems.

January 13, 2009
FREE Admission to CanSecWest 2009 Conference

Immunity Inc. has partnered up with CanSecWest and together are offering ALL Immunity customers a fantastic deal-----FREE Admission to this year's 2009 Conference, which is being held in Vancouver from March 16-20, 2009. This is a savings of $1500+CAD, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts!!!!

For more details about this offer and to get your free admission ticket please email us at For general conference information please visit

January 8, 2009
FREE Admission for CANVAS Customers!!!!

As a 'Thank you' for buying our CANVAS software and being such a great customer, ALL CANVAS customers get free entry to the uCon conference and 20% discount on the Essential Pentest Class 101. uCon is taking place in Recife, Brazil on February 28, 2009.

If you want more details about the conference check out the conference website at

If you want to take advantage of this offer, simply let us know by emailing and we'll make sure you get in for free!

January 6, 2009
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.42

Miami Beach, FL - (January 6, 2009) - Immunity is proud to present the first release of 2009: CANVAS Professional 6.42. This is the biggest update release of CANVAS ever and packs in improvements and new features from deepest parts of CANVAS right through to the GUI. The 6.42 release of CANVAS see the debut of a new parser and lexer for the pure python compilation of the C-like MOSDEF language used by CANVAS for post exploitation actions. The new parser and lexer bring significant speed increases as well as lower memory usage and easier integration points for 3rd party CANVAS developers. Improvements that sit closer to the end user appear in the guise of new GUI features to streamline the workflow,allow easier access to generated output data and allow CANVAS modules to be searched on a large number of attribute tags. New exploits appear this month for MS08-078 (MS IE XML parsing bug), MS08-068 (NTLMv1 credential reflection bug) and CVE-2008-5619 (Roundcube remote exploit). New CANVAS reconnaissance modules also make an appearance with ICMPSweep, ARPScan, ARPScanner and UDPportscan allowing a user to gather intelligence in a variety of new, low footprint, ways. Finally a new module to identify targets based on IP and ICMP heuristics is included and integrated into the OS detection capabilities of CANVAS. This increases the ability of CANVAS to automatically target exploits against the correct target host as well as being a valuable addition to CANVAS's overall intelligence gathering capabilities.

December 1, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.41

Miami Beach, FL - (December 1, 2008) - Immunity is proud to present the final release of 2008: CANVAS Professional 6.41. This release sees new exploits for Lotus Domino, GoodTech SSH server, Simple Machines Forum and Mantis Bugtracker. It also builds upon the CANVAS framework feature set by introducing an ICMP MOSDEF proxy, continued improvements in SPIKE proxy for POST requests and improved threading support for modules using parallel scanning. The ICMP proxy module was created in response to a situation the Immunity penertration testing team recently found itself in. The team had unprivileged command execution on a web server which was only allowed to talk to the outside world over ICMP, this meant traditional ICMP tunnelling solutions were not an option. To work around this limitation, the team developed an ICMP tunnelling solution that relies on the native Win32 ICMP API, thus not requiring Administrator privileges. This is a feature that will clearly be useful in a wide variety of situations a penetration tester may find themselves in.

November 4, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.40

Miami Beach, FL - (November 4, 2008) - Immunity is proud to present: CANVAS Professional 6.40, offering up an array of new exploits and functionality. The 6.40 release of CANAVS Professional has the most comprehensive and reliable exploit available for the MS08-067 vulnerability supporting 2K, XP and 2K3 (even with DEP AlwaysOn!). Furthering the forensics capabilities of CANVAS Professional is the Ramdumper module which allows live memory dumps to be captured and retrieved over the network for analysis. Additionally the Windows rootkit now supports file hiding through the filesystem browser interface. The AIX exploit collection has also been expanded with two new local root exploits. Available now!

October 1, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.39

Miami Beach, FL - (October 1, 2008) - Immunity is proud to present: CANVAS Professional 6.39, offering an exciting new collection of exploits and features. CANVAS Professional 6.39 includes full AIX MOSDEF support. Other new features include a slew of new clientside exploits and improved HTTP MOSDEF support which now includes NAT compatibility. Available now!

September 18, 2008
Immunity is involved in several upcoming conferences in North and South America...

When: September 24-25, 2008
Where: The Park Central Hotel
870 Seventh Avenue at 56 Street
NY, NY 10019

Immunity Founder and CTO Dave Aitel will be giving a talk titled Corruption on
September 25 at 4:00 pm (Timesquare)

White Wolf Security/SANS Ice II - Las Vegas
When: October 1-3, 2008
Where: Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas
3570 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

CANVAS developers Justin Seitz and Alex McGeorge will be there. Stop
by for a free CANVAS demo done by one of it's developers! NOP
Certifications can also be arranged.

Eko Party and BA-con - Buenos Aires
When: September 30 - October 3, 2008
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Immunity is giving two training sessions in Spanish at the Eko party
on September 29:
- -Unethical Hacking (Condensed) - Will be taught by Pablo Sole
- -Stack Overflows - Will be taught by Damian Gomez

Dave Aitel will be giving a keynote presentation at the Eko Party on
October 2-3: "Hacking Has An Economy of Scale"

Pablo Sole will be giving a presentation at the Eko Party on
October 2-3: "Javascript Unleashed"

H2HC - Brazil
When: November 8-9, 2008
Where: Av. Lins de Vasconcelos, 1222 - Cambuci
Sao Paulo - SP, 01538-001 Brazil

Immunity will have a vendor booth, where you can take a look at our
products: CANVAS, VisualSploit and SILICA.

We will also for the first time in Latin America, be
offering NOP Certifications!

September 3, 2008
Immunity Inc. is running a September special. If you purchase a 1 year (4 quarters) subscription to our CANVAS standard monthly updates and support, you will receive a 3 month (1 quarter) subscription to CANVAS Early Updates for FREE! This is a savings of $8,995 USD!!!!!!!!!! Act now as offer is only valid until September 30, 2008.

September 2, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.38

Miami Beach, FL - (September 2, 2008) - CANVAS Professional 6.38 comes packed with a wide collection of new features and improvements. It includes exploits for MS08-49, Citrix MetaFrame, and DokuWiki. CANVAS Professional 6.38 also features new Win32 Payloads, CANVASNode filebrowser integration, and GUI commandline integration. Available now!

August 3, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.37

Miami Beach, FL - (August 3, 2008) - CANVAS Professional 6.37 delivers new Windows rootkitting capabilities, a variety of new exploits, and improved engine stability and robustness. On the feature front CANVAS Professional 6.37 includes new modules to investigate DNS Caches and remote memory dumps. Available now!

July 2, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.36

Miami Beach, FL - (July 2, 2008) - CANVAS Professional 6.36 brings an array of new engine features to the table, including MOSDEF OS X Intel support, new Solaris and Windows exploits and improved Linux payload generation. CANVAS Professional 6.36 also includes an updated SPIKE Proxy with much improved support libraries for convenient RFI exploitation. Available now!

June 2, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.35

Miami Beach, FL - (June 2, 2008) - CANVAS Professional 6.35 delivers on the feature front by including full MOSDEFSock support for PHP ScriptNodes. CANVAS users can now bounce CANVAS exploits and recon modules through hosts compromised via PHP bugs without touching disk. CANVAS Professional 6.35 also includes several new exploits and features including the i2omgmt Driver Impersonation attack, and a SSH key checker for the Debian/Ubuntu OpenSSL PRNG weakness. Available now!

May 1, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.34

Miami Beach, FL - (May 1, 2008) - Immunity is proud to present: CANVAS Professional 6.34 CANVAS Professional 6.34 offers an exciting new collection of exploits and drastic improvements in the client side arena. CANVAS Professional 6.34 includes the first public exploit for the much discussed Flash 9e vulnerability. Other new features include a slew of new web exploits, MSRPC fuzzing, and full SSL support for MOSDEF HTTP tunneling. Available now!

April 1, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.33

Miami Beach, FL - (April 1, 2008) - Immunity is proud to present: CANVAS Professional 6.33. CANVAS Professional 6.33 is loaded with Kernel goodies for both Windows and Linux. On the Windows side of things we've included the first public exploit for the MS07_066 Vista Local Privilege Escalation bug, and on the Linux side of things we've included a full MOSDEF exploit for the vmsplice(2) Kernel bug. Other exploits include a full MOSDEF socket recycling remote root exploit for the ASUS Eee PC SAMBA 3.24 and five new web app exploits. Available now!

March 3, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.32

Miami Beach, FL - (March 3, 2008) - Immunity is proud to present: Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.32. CANVAS Professional 6.32 includes Immunity's MS08-001 Windows IGMPv3 exploit, 20 new web application exploits, and the client side Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript stack overflow. Exploits for the Novell Netware Print Spooler bug, updated Solaris XFS and MS06-040 for Windows Server 2003 SP0 round out the exploit updates for the month.

February 1, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.31

Miami Beach, FL - (February 1, 2008) - Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.31 is now available. CANVAS 6.31 includes support for Windows kernel backdooring, contains improved OS Detection features and offers full MOSDEF support for Java and Script nodes.

January 2nd, 2008
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.30

Immunity's award winning CANVAS product now includes exploits for MS07_065, the punbb web forum, and's arbitrary Java execution vulnerability.

December 3, 2007
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.29

This release of CANVAS Professional provides new clientside exploits, fingerprinting and reconnaisance tools, as well as numerous reliability and usability improvements.

November 1, 2007
Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.28

Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.28 is now available. It includes many exciting new exploits and features. Exploit highlights include the Solaris XFS module, the MacroVision Driver module for XP SP2, and various clientside exploits including the RealPlayer Import ActiveX module and Microsoft IE7 url-handling module. New features include full geolocation support and SPIKE Proxy now supports automatic Remote File Inclusion exploitation.

October 19, 2007
Immunity Dojo and Talks at Pacsec 2007

Immunity's very own Kostya Kortchinsky and Nicolas Waisman will be teaching and presenting at PacSec 2007. Kostya will be presenting a talk on improved Windows Localization detection and Nico will be discussing the future of Heap Overflows on Windows. Together they will be teaching a PacSec Dojo on the art of finding 0day vulnerabilities. This Dojo will be a useful introduction to Immunity's February class, also to be held in Tokyo.

When: November 28-30, 2007
Where: Aoyama Diamond Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Info: PacSec Dojo Listing

October 9, 2007
Immunity founder Dave Aitel profiled by DarkReading's profile of Immunity Founder and CTO Dave Aitel can be read here.

October 2, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.27

Miami Beach, FL - (October 2, 2007) - CANVAS Professonial 6.27 delivers an array of exciting new features, such as: a much improved GUI, MOSDEF for Solaris X86, and a flurry of new exploits. New exploit modules include exploits for flaws in the VMWARE DHCPD, Tivoli Storage Manager, Xitami, Veritas Netback, and Brightstore Media Server. CANVAS Professional 6.27 also comes with 21 new Web App exploits. CANVAS Professional 6.27 is available now!

September 27, 2007
Immunity hires top notch Kiwi and Argentinian talent

Miami Beach, FL, Buenos Aires AR, Aukland NZ - (September 27, 2007) - Immunity is proud to announce the addition of Adam Boileau and Pablo Sole to the Immunity team.

September 4, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.26

Miami Beach, FL - (September 4, 2007) - CANVAS 6.26 delivers 20 brand new exploit modules for the month of September. It now includes exploits for the Solaris 10 telnet/login vulnerability, the HP OpenView Trace buffer overflow, the Borland IB Server buffer overflow and the Novell Netware Printer Provider client overflow. The CANVAS Engine now has a UserAgent object for Python based web hacking and the OSdetect module has been much improved. CANVAS Professional 6.25 is available now!

August 1, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.25

Miami Beach, FL - (August 1, 2007) - CANVAS Professonial 6.25 delivers an engine overhaul and a brand new paintjob. The GUI has been redesigned and CANVAS looks better than ever. Furthermore the x86 MOSDEF assembler is now twice as fast. This means dramatic MOSDEF and exploit speedups. Boasting fifteen new exploit and attack modules, CANVAS Professional 6.25 is available now!

July 2, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.24

Miami Beach, FL - (July 2, 2007) - Immunity brings you full MOSDEF PPC and 64 bit Python support with CANVAS 6.24. Next to engine improvements CANVAS Professional 6.24 also includes 11 new web application exploits and a complete version of SPIKE 3.0 to fully satisfy your fuzzing needs.

June 4, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.23

Miami Beach, FL - (June 4, 2007) - Immunity brings you a flurry of exciting new exploits this June, including a reliable remote root exploit for OS X on both Intel and PPC platforms. Other updates include an exploit for the Samba LsaLookupSids heap overflow and no less than five new web application exploits. New features include a UNIXSHELL handler, non-executable stack support (SP2) in the ANI cursor exploit, and improved MOSDEF UNIX support.

May 2, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.22

Miami Beach, FL - (May 2, 2007) - Immunity brings you full clientside HTTP MOSDEF tunneling with CANVAS 6.22. Next to providing the technology needed to keep up with current exploitation trends, CANVAS 6.22 also includes eight new exploits. Including an exploit for the notorious MS DNS bug and four PHP injection vulnerabilities that work with the CANVAS PHP Node framework. New tools include a module to list services on Windows machines and a module that can use the Windows At service.

April 1, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.21

Miami Beach, FL - (April 1, 2007) - Immunity releases an exploit for the very current Windows ANI File Format Parser overflow in CANVAS 6.21. Next to keeping CANVAS customers on the cutting edge of security research, this month's release also includes twelve other exploit modules. Including the much discussed GDIWrite4 local exploit and an exploit for the Snort DCERPC bug. New features include multiple host targeting, callback interface matching, and binary exploit integration.

March 1, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.20

Miami Beach, FL - (March 1, 2007) - Immunity puts the pedal to the metal with CANVAS 6.20. Caching improvements to the MOSDEF engine ensure a faster and more stable MOSDEF, whilst overall engine updates have upped the performance levels in many crucial areas. CANVAS 6.20 also brings with it improved language support and new targets for many of its exploits and offers exciting new features to the MassAttack module to make your penetration testing life easier.

February 14, 2007
Free Immunity CANVAS + VulnDisco Package, for limited time only!

VulnDisco, Gleg Ltd's set of 0day exploitation modules, are specially designed to be used with Immunity CANVAS. For a limited time only Immunity and Gleg are pleased to announce a free CANVAS offer to new customers purchasing any VulnDisco Professional license or to new customers purchasing the Unlimited User Standard VulnDisco license. Customers purchasing VulnDisco Standard for 10 users/installations can obtain CANVAS for just $500. This offer includes 3 months of CANVAS updates. CANVAS normally retails at $1244 per license. To take advantage of this offer please email!

February 1, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.19

Miami Beach, FL - (February 1, 2007) - Immunity shares the love in valentine February with CANVAS 6.19. This release includes support for IPv6, a Command Line Executer framework for web bugs and many exploit improvements. New modules include attacks against MS07-004 (VML), Citrix PrintProvider and 3Com TFTPD.

January 29, 2007
Immunity CANVAS runs on Windows Vista

See this screenshot for an example of the latest Immunity CANVAS Professional running a scan from Windows Vista Ultimate.

January 9, 2007
Immunity releases MS07_004 Exploit

Immunity, Inc. publishes working exploit for MS07_004 into Immunity Partners' program, less than three hours after it was announced.

January 1, 2007
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.18

Miami Beach, FL - (January 1, 2006) - Immunity is excited to ring in the new year with version 6.18 of Immunity CANVAS Professional. This release includes exploits for MS06_074 (SNMP), Symantec Remote Management, Novell Netware and Netmail, as well as many updates and stability improvements.

December 1, 2006
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.17

Miami Beach, FL - (December 1, 2006) - Immunity is proud to announce version 6.17 of Immunity CANVAS Professional. This release includes exploits for MS0_066, MS06_070, MS06_071, Novel eDirectory HttpStk.dlm, and Linux /proc a.out vulnerability.

November 1, 2006
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.16

Miami Beach, FL - (November 1, 2006) - Immunity, Inc. is proud to announce version 6.16 of Immunity CANVAS Professional. This release features a massively-threaded automated attack tool.

October 2, 2006
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.15

Miami beach, FL - (September 2, 2006) - Immunity, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.15. This release includes a built-in Windows keylogger, and several new exploits.

July 3, 2006
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.12

Miami Beach, FL - (July 3, 2006) - Immunity, Inc. has released version 6.12 of Immunity CANVAS Professional. This release follows the successful integration of the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities into the flagship Immunity product - vulnerabilities which had previously only been available to Immunity Partner's customers. This month, as always, Immunity was the first company to offer its customers the latest vulnerabilities within hours or days of the Microsoft Tuesday advisories.

June 1, 2006
Immunity releases Immunity CANVAS 6.11

Miami Beach, FL - (June 1, 2006) - Immunity, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Immunity CANVAS Professional 6.11. This release contains the first ever commercially available remote kernel-level exploit. This exploit, for a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows operating systems brings a new level of capability to penetation testers using the CANVAS Professional product to test remote servers.

May 22, 2006
Immunity, Inc. launches groundbreaking VisualSploit product

Miami Beach, FL - (May 22, 2006) - Immunity, Inc. is proud to announce the public availability of VisualSploit, a plugin to Immunity's flagship product Immunity CANVAS which allows non-programmers to develop exploits for the Immunity CANVAS framework simply by dragging and dropping exploit components.
This provides a way for wide audience of people who previously would be unable to write their own exploits to utilize the advanced features of Immunity CANVAS to produce original modules they can then use to test their entire network with.
Immunity VisualSploit is available now at

March 28, 2006
Immunity, Inc and SilverSEAL Corp. announce a strategic alliance to integrate services

New York, NY - (March 28, 2006) - SilverSEAL Corporation, a premier provider of investigative services, computer forensics, and physical security announced on Tuesday, a strategic alliance with Immunity Incorporated to integrate their specialized information security services to their product repertoire.

Immunity's extraordinary capabilities in discovering and implementing exploits for both operating systems and applications provided a natural fit for SilverSEAL, as they focus on expanding their computer forensic division.

"We're excited about our relationship with Immunity Inc.," commented John Silverman, president of SilverSEAL Inc., "we've been in the business of uncovering truths for our clients for 22 years. However, in the current world of information technology our clients are more vulnerable to having confidential information compromised due to the increasing threat of hackers, Trojans, viruses, and worms. Immunity is a perfect fit because they are one of the best in the trade and are honorable, a combination that is rare in this industry."

Justine Aitel, Immunity's CEO, is similarly positive about the complete layer of protection now available to SilverSEAL clients. "Immunity's specialist resources compliment those already available to SilverSEAL clients. Firms that collect and store sensitive information are worried about ensuring it is adequately protected, but usually do not have the expertise on staff to properly assess and manage the ever-evolving risks themselves. SilverSEAL, in partnering with Immunity, can now reassure its clients that their electronically stored data and networks are properly protected."

About Immunity, Inc:
Founded in 2002, Immunity Inc, comprising of world-class security researchers including CTO Dave Aitel, specializes in the realm of information security.

Developing the incredibly robust penetration platform named CANVAS, as well as being the co-authors of: The Hackers Handbook and the Shell Coders Handbook, make the Immunity team one of the best in their industry. With former government and extensive information security experience, the Immunity team brings to the table premier consulting services regarding the assessment of software and web-based applications.

About SilverSEAL:
SilverSeal is made up of two highly regarded firms: Silverman Associates which specializes in Investigative Services and SEAL Security which concentrates on providing comprehensive Security Solutions.

Founded in 1988, Silverman Associates has been providing discreet investigative services, earning the reputation as resourceful problem solvers specializing in litigation support, corporate due diligence, investigative database rese arch, and computer forensics. SEAL Security was formed in 1995 to fill the need for quality corporate and customized se curity, providing high-end officers and crisis management teams to the corporate world.

March 1, 2006
Immunity CANVAS 6.8 release includes AIX attack capabilities. This allows Immunity CANVAS users to test large enterprises. Immunity CANVAS is unique in that it now supports AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, BSD, and OS X. Also included are expanded methods for downloading the entire memory contents of Windows processes. This can be used for forensics, simultanious intruder detection, and data access.

February 17, 2006
Protover test suites are now available for purchase directly from Immunity. Protover can be used to test the security and stability of various protocol implementations including SSL, IMAP and LDAP. Further information including pricing is available at Gleg, Ltd's website:

December 21, 2005 Immunity's CANVAS Professional has been reviewed by the independent technology analyst company, The 451 Group. The full report is available here. The 451 Group calls CANVAS Professional a "robust penetration platform" that is "10 times less expensive than its nearest competitor". The report also includes a description of CANVAS's main "technical differentiator", MOSDEF.

October 6, 2005
Immunity is pleased to annouce itself as reseller of Sabre BinNavi - the world's first debugging system based on directed graphs and graph visualisation. More information available at:

September 22, 2005
Immunity Theater of Owning

July 14, 2005
Immunity is pleased to announce the appointment of Justine Aitel to the position of CEO, Immunity, Inc. Dave Aitel will continue to drive the technical direction of Immunity allowing Justine to focus on strategic initiatives.

January 14,2005
Immunity announces the addition of Justine Bone (Aitel) to the Immunity team. Justine was previously responsible for global risk management and information security at Bloomberg L.P, based in New York City. Justine is a New Zealander who began her career with the NZ's Government Communications Security Bureau, later moving to the United States to join Internet Security Systems as researcher and consultant. Justine can be reached at

Oct 29, 2004
Immunity adds Hydrogen to its formidable product lineup.

March 22, 2004
Immunity employees Dave Aitel and Sinan Eren add "The Shellcoder's Handbook" to their list of publications.