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CANVAS is updated frequently, so these screenshots may not reflect the current state of the product.

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The default startup of Immunity CANVAS

When enabled the CANVAS world map will reconcile IP addresses with their geographic location and display that to the CANVAS user.

After successful exploitation of a host, the CANVAS user is presented with a listener shell which they can use as a fully interactive shell or to launch post exploitation commands.

New in the April 2009 release of CANVAS is the ability to interact with the host's command-line directly from the GUI.

One of the many post exploitation modules available in CANVAS is the getpasswordhashes module that will fetch hashes from the exploited host.

Using MOSDEF CANVAS is able to use multiple hosts running different operating systems on different architectures as pivot points to attack new targets. This is demonstrated here using the Node Management node view which shows exploited hosts and their relation to each other.

Launching client side exploits is easy using the built in HTTP server.

Immunity CANVAS running on Windows Vista Ultimate

Default startup of Immunity CANVAS on Mac OS X.

CANVAS can also be completely driven from the commandline, making incorporating modules into scripts easy.

CANVAS relies heavily on the concept of a 'listener'. A CANVAS Listener is anything that needs to respond to actions, such as a running exploit module, an open port waiting for a callback, or a connection to a remote host that has been exploited. In this screenshot you can see one of the advanced CANVAS tools being used to print out all the available security tokens in the process that has been exploited. Then the CANVAS user can switch security tokens to any of the found tokens, and attempt to access files as the new user.

The Covertness Bar is a special feature of CANVAS that allows certain exploits to behave differently depending on how covert the user needs it to be. For example, a high level of covertness can sometimes slip by application firewalls, since application fragmentation fools the firewall into ignoring the traffic. Reliability and covertness are opposites on the Covertness Bar, as they are in real life.

CANVAS's multi-threaded architecture allows an advanced user to run multiple exploits at once, or even combine multiple machines' exploitation attempts into one console.

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