CANVAS Documentation

Individual CANVAS module documentation is viewable in the CANVAS GUI, standard documentation is included at every release in CANVAS changelog, written tutorials are also available, but the best way to document CANVAS usage is by example:

Basic Overview
Demonstration of basic CANVAS use. Covers GUI layout and interaction, with explanations of the CANVAS design.
* Download

ClientSide Exploitation
Demonstration of CANVAS Professional ClientSide exploitation via the RealPlayer ActiveX Import Stack Overflow vulnerability.
* Download

Geographical Awareness
Demonstration of CANVAS Professional geographical awareness support.
* Download

Privilege Escalation
Demonstrations of how local privilege escalation is integrated in CANVAS Professional.
* Download (gui example)

* Download (commandline example)

* Download (ms08_025 GUI example)

HTTP Tunneled Privilege Escalation
Demonstration of privilege escalation post exploiting a clientside bug and how this can be tunneled over HTTP in a convenient way.
* Download

Remote Kernel Exploitation
Demonstration of the Immunity ms08-001 IGMP Remote Kernel exploit sweeping a local network for vulnerable Windows machines and succesfully exploiting them.
* Download

Advanced Backdoor Technology
Demonstration of Immunity CANVAS's Windows Kernel Rootkit
* Download

Advanced Web Attack Technology
Demonstration of bouncing directly off of a PHP eval() attack
* Download