D2 Exploitation Pack

The D2 Exploitation Pack is a bundle of more than 220 security modules, most of which are designed to be used with Immunity CANVAS software. The pack is composed of tools and reliable exploits which can be used in all the steps of a security audit:

* Recon (HTTP and WAF fingerprinting, Lotus Domino Scanner, RPC scanner, Nessus and Qualys report analyzer, ...)

* Weakness exploitation (URL and web authentication bruteforcer, weak SMB, SSH and RSH passwords exploitation, ...)

* Client side exploitation (client side exploitation automation with Client Insider, generic exploits for PDF, Java Applet, ActiveX, ...)

* Server side exploitation (0 days, exploits for multi OS - Windows, AIX, Linux, Solaris, BSD, exploits for enterprise software - Citrix, Lotus, EMC, CA, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, ...)

* Privilege escalation (exploits for multi OS, automation for Linux kernel vulnerability exploitation, dedicated tools to easily exploit file permission weakness, ...)

* Post-intrusion (backdoors for SSH and Apache, password recovery, Citrix/TS client session compromission tool, Lotus Notes client and server compromission tool, ...)

D2 Exploitation Pack is updated each month with 5 to 10 new security modules. They are created and tuned to help security professionals during their penetration tests.

For customized exploits or tools please contact us at info@d2sec.com.