Agora Pack


While providing security specialists with 0days discovered by GLEG security researchers, we acknowledge, that there is a certain interest to exploits for vulnerabilities discovered by third party researchers. To meet this interest GLEG ltd. has made available the "Agora Pack".

Agora Pack contains more than 80 exploit modules from the product known as "Argeniss 0day Exploits Pack", along with exploits for fresh publicly available vulnerabilities and 0days exploits discovered by GLEG. Modules are designed to be used with Immunity CANVAS. Agora content do not intersect with VulnDisco Pack Professional.

Agora Pack features:
  • Includes all exploit modules from the product known as "Argeniss 0day Exploits Pack"
  • Includes 0days discovered by GLEG
  • Updated once a month mainly with modules for publicly available vulnerabilities
  • Only modules for well known software are included, unpatched preferred
  • Client side and Server side exploits
  • 3 months of updates and support are provided with the initial purchase
  • The current version of the pack contains more than 80 modules
  • Rich set of exploits at relatively low price

    For a list of current pricing please click here.

    Agora Step Ahead service is also available and allows for an unrestricted license with immediate access to new modules. For more information, please visit: