Certified Network Offense Professional (NOP)

Immunity is proud to offer a new certification, the Network Offense Professional (NOP). A NOP will allow prospective employers to know that you have the capabilities needed to understand the complex issues at the heart of information security assessment. Candidates are required to write a buffer overflow from scratch within 40 minutes. The Candidate must find the buffer overflow by reverse engineering a target program, and then obtain a shell from it or execute a command.

This is a hands-on certification, not a paper test. Successfully completing the challenge will allow you to use the NOP signifier after your name and join the growing NOP sled.

After launching the NOP certification with great success at Defcon 2008, Immunity has decided to continue offering the certification to interested parties. Candidates in or around the Miami Florida or Washington D.C. areas can contact sales@immunityinc.com for more information on scheduling an opportunity to sit the exam. Time and circumstance permitting, the exam may also be taken at the conclusion of an Immunity training course. The current cost of the exam is: *FREE*.

Interesting Statistics
Fastest public: 16m 30s, held by Lurene "Pusscat" Grenier

Fastest Immunity: 4m

Average time: 31m 30s

Median time: 34m 30s

Longest Time: 44m (before time limit)

Length of the Sled: 23

More detail here: CertifiedNOP.pdf

Other inquiries can be sent to sales@immunityinc.com.